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Introducing our Sunstone Candles Brand Ambassador Program

We are seeking a team of candle loving, motivated, and ambitious individuals to join us in sharing the light of Sunstone Candles.  

The Message We Have To Share:
Sunstone Candles was ironically born from a place of darkness. The idea came while in a state of constant discontent - and through a change in mindset came something beautiful. We're here to help others find their light. Our products are made from 100% soy wax and each contain a surprise crystal inside. Crystals and minerals are believed to give off healing energies and possess properties that can aid in enhancing every day life. Our candles can be used for manifestation, meditation, or aromatherapy. 
What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?
-Share your Sunstone Candle story with your friends and community by posting on Facebook,  Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or personal/professional blog.
-As an Ambassador,  you'll be able to decide when and where to sell and how often to work. Create an opportunity that allows you to work creatively and independently.
-Be the first to hear about new products.
-Receive Sunstone Candles marketing materials to share online and offline.
Other Benefits:
-  25% discount on your next purchase (Excluding tax and shipping)
- Unique discount code to use on every purchase and share with friends or family
- Reward points to earn free products
 -Spotlight ambassador of the month will receive recognition on our social media along with choosing the next new Sunstone Candles fragrance
JOIN Us in Spreading  inspiration and Help your community find their light
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